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Experience the best in waxing and nail services in Freehold, NJ. Illusions Salon & Spa offers a range of treatments for flawless skin and stunning nails.

Welcome to Illusions Salon & Spa, your ultimate destination for premium waxing and nail services in Freehold, NJ. Our experienced team is committed to providing services that enhance your natural beauty and elevate your self-confidence.

Waxing Services

Nail Services

Waxing Services

Experience Smooth, Silky Skin

Bid farewell to unwanted hair with our professional waxing services. We offer a comprehensive range of waxing treatments, from brow shaping to full leg waxing, catering to your individual needs. Our experts use gentle techniques and high-quality products to ensure a smooth, comfortable experience with long-lasting results. Whether you’re preparing for a beach holiday or simply maintaining your grooming routine, we’re here to provide impeccable service in a relaxing environment

Embrace the confidence that comes with smooth, hair-free skin with our expert waxing services at Illusions Salon & Spa. We offer a diverse range of waxing treatments to cater to your specific needs. From facial waxing services such as lip and chin, to larger areas like full leg, arm, chest, back, and stomach, our skilled professionals ensure a comfortable and efficient experience.

Seeking a sleek look for the

beach season or a special occasion

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Try our Brazilian Bikini wax for a clean, smooth finish. Or perhaps consider our Full Leg with Bikini service, an excellent option for those looking to feel confident and carefree from head to toe. For those with specific needs, we also provide treatments like Underarm and Upper Thigh waxing.

Our team uses premium products and gentle techniques, resulting in long-lasting, smooth results with minimal discomfort. No matter your waxing needs, we provide a relaxing environment and meticulous service at Illusions Salon & Spa in Freehold, NJ. Experience the transformative power of professional waxing today and enjoy the sensation of silky, hair-free skin.

Nail Services

Celebrate Your Unique Style

Discover the joy of perfectly groomed hands and feet with our wide range of nail services at Illusions Salon & Spa. Whether you’re after a quick polish change or a luxurious treatment, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled nail technicians are experts in various techniques, ensuring you receive a service that suits your style and needs.

Our basic manicure and pedicure services are a favorite among clients, delivering beautifully shaped nails, conditioned cuticles, and a polish of your choice. If you’re after a classic, elegant look, our French manicure is a timeless choice. For those in need of nail strengthening and durability, our LCN gels and fills or Gel fill services provide a long-lasting solution without compromising on natural appearance.

We also offer a Gel Polish Manicure, which combines the durability of gels with the simplicity of polish, resulting in a chip-resistant, glossy finish that can last for weeks. Looking for a touch of sparkle? Our Dazzle Manicure and Pedicure services incorporate an element of glitz and glam to your nails, perfect for special occasions or simply when you’re in the mood for something extra special.

In addition to these, we also provide repair services for any chips, breaks, or nail issues you might encounter. At Illusions Salon & Spa in Freehold, NJ, we believe in the beauty of well-cared-for hands and feet. Book an appointment with us today, and let us transform your nails into a work of art.